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Whether you're seeking adventure, culture or some needed R & R, there are many Ontario resorts in the province that can put together a travel package that'll make your Ontario vacation joyfully memorable. Ontario's resorts offer an astounding array of vacation packages, many including dining, accommodations and resort activities.

Revel in the joyous sound of children's laughter. Scream down a winding waterslide into a huge pool of water. Help your kids search for hidden treasures - precious minerals, amethysts, gold and even ancient sea fossils. Teach your child how to bait a hook, build a campfire or paddle a canoe. Let them explore Ontario among stalactites and spot a bat in mysterious caves. Come and experience an endless list of family attractions that will spark wonder and joy in kids of all ages.

WELCOME TO THE LAND OF 250,000 lakes, hundreds of rivers and the only coastline that forms the shores of four Great Lakes. Our most northern point is at the same latitude as Sweden, while our southernmost tip is level with northern most point of California. From east to west, Ontario spans half the width of the United States. It's no wonder we offer more to experience than any other place in the world. Rendezvous at a relaxing fishing or hunting cottage resort. Spoil each other at a luxurious spa. Step up to the golf tee and drive off into the wonderful sunset together. Discover one another's creative side on an Ontario arts retreat. Take an inspiring stroll and have a tour through one of Ontario's many museums and art galleries. Enjoy a great night out at the symphony or theatre or spend the evening in gastronomic ecstasy at a world-class restaurant. Stroll hand-in-hand through a floral wonderland. Tour an Ontario winery together. Reacquaint yourself with each other as you indulge in a romantic getaway for two in the diverse beauty of Ontario.

WELCOME TO ONTARIO a place so diverse that all your heart's desires can be fulfilled. 

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